12 cards

A Ponder — $50

More cards = more information. What are your goals? Does the road you’re on lead to them? If so, which landmarks along the way will guide you? If not, where’s the nearest transfer station, and which bus should you be switching to? My favorite 12-card spread looks at where you’ve been, where you are, where you’re going, and how it all aligns with what Spirit* wants you to be doing.

12-card spreads are also fun on birthdays and New Years Day — getting a look at what the year to come may bring helps you plan. But do, as a fortune-teller once famously advised Lisa Simpson after revealing her future, “try to look surprised.”

Got a Big Question you want to unpack? Wanna go deep? Email me to book a 12-card reading. Include your name and as much or as little about what’s on your mind as you wish to share — do you wanna talk Career? Romance? Spiritual Journey? Together we’ll ponder…

* = (the Divine/the Source/Goddess/the gods — you know what works for you)