Life Gets Crowded. Stay With Your Guide.

IMG_20170520_115819_481The first story I ever submitted for publication was accepted. (Woo hoo!) The first story I ever wrote was junk. As are a lot of the stories shoved away in the dark drawer of my hard drive that I’ll never be submitting to anybody for anything. But there are glimmers of hope, of humor, of promise and genius in many of them, and how could I build on these if they’d never spilled out of my fingers (if by accident…)?

These cards say If you feel guided to do it, get crackin’! Whatever your passion may be, you’re in love with it for a reason: it’s what you’re supposed to be doing. And if you’re no good at it? Do it anyway, and give it some of that Sister Act deep shoulder action. Do it with the music up loud and the paint splattering everywhere, cuz there’s no other way to get good at it. Learn. Try. Do. You’re not getting any better at it saving it for “Someday.”


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