3 cards

A Peek — $20

A tarot reading does not have to be long and involved to be effective. Much the way a good short story can be engaging and impactful in just a few pages, a 3-card tarot reading delivers big insight in a small spread. With just 3 cards, we can examine:

The Past + The Present + The Future

Your Situation + Advice + Potential Outcome

A Current Issue + Its Cause + Your Best Solution

Idea + Manifestation + Process

Your Current Situation + What About It Matters + What Doesn’t

What to Keep + What to Cast Aside + What to Learn

Your Big Fear + Current Response + A Better Response

What to Start Doing + What to Stop Doing + What to Continue Doing to influence a positive outcome.

And if none of these help us get at your question from the exactly right angle, we can create a simple 3-card spread that does!

A 3-card reading is also a good way for us to get to know each other and for you to see if my style speaks to you before you request a longer, more in-depth reading. Email me to book a 3-card reading. Include your name and as much or as little about what’s on your mind as you wish to share — do you wanna talk Career? Romance? Spiritual Journey? Let’s take a peek!

(See a sample 3-card reading here.)