7 cards


A Peruse — $35

With 7 cards, we can examine your question more closely. Many 7-card readings take into consideration past events or underlying influences before offering advice or direction. Where are you now in relation to your current question? Where did you start out? What have you learned along the way? Where are you headed? What do you have yet to learn before you get there?

Other 7-card spreads help us explore more fundamental questions. With a Chakra spread, we can see where your energy is in alignment with your goals and where some energy may need to be shifted. Using only cards from the major arcana, an Inner Totem spread delves even deeper, revealing the kinds of energies that fuel, excite, and confound you, as well as what you’ve just gotta get out into the world!

Questions about big change or about the next step in your journey?  Email me to book a 7-card reading. Include your name and as much or as little about what’s on your mind as you wish to share — do you wanna talk Career? Romance? Spiritual Journey? Let’s peruse!