I’m an intuitive tarot reader who believes the cards tell their stories by blending traditional meanings with contemporary imagery; by the ways they  interact with and the responses they evoke in me, you, and each other.

I don’t use tarot to predict the future — I don’t really deal in names and dates — but I deeply believe in the ways it allows us to access past and present feelings, fears, insights, and energies so we can make informed, inspired choices that shape the future into one at which we will one day be happy to arrive.

Sometimes tarot challenges me to explore and express uncomfortable or unfamiliar feelings; sometimes it reminds me that if I don’t follow my heart, I’ll end up somewhere nobody wants to go; sometimes it stumps me, sometimes it talks all backwards, often it sparkles and sings and makes me laugh out loud. By simultaneously quieting and illuminating a part of each day, the cards help me feel more connected to Spirit, and therefore to myself, my loved ones, and my community.

It is my hope, and indeed my aim, to use the cards to help you feel similarly connected — to your goals; to your dreams; to your happiest, truest self. Tarot’s trying to tell you something. Contact me and together we’ll find out what.