Life Gets Crowded. Stay With Your Guide.

IMG_20170520_115819_481The first story I ever submitted for publication was accepted. (Woo hoo!) The first story I ever wrote was junk. As are a lot of the stories shoved away in the dark drawer of my hard drive that I’ll never be submitting to anybody for anything. But there are glimmers of hope, of humor, of promise and genius in many of them, and how could I build on these if they’d never spilled out of my fingers (if by accident…)?

These cards say If you feel guided to do it, get crackin’! Whatever your passion may be, you’re in love with it for a reason: it’s what you’re supposed to be doing. And if you’re no good at it? Do it anyway, and give it some of that Sister Act deep shoulder action. Do it with the music up loud and the paint splattering everywhere, cuz there’s no other way to get good at it. Learn. Try. Do. You’re not getting any better at it saving it for “Someday.”


Make It a Big Gulp

IMG_20170428_104724_089The Seven of Cups reminds you that, until you take wing and pursue them, your dreams will always be just that — a glittering buffet of Look What I’d Rather Be Doing. But see that empty seventh cup? It’s yours to fill, with whatever sparkly bits you want to take with you. Then offer sips to your support system — anyone who says, “Ooh, yum! You should definitely make more of this!” is a keeper.

Embrace Your Place

IMG_20170420_093018The polar bear is very attached to Place. These days it’s gotta take a big dose of faith to trust that its shifting environment is where it’s meant to be. These cards ask you to do the same — for today, to trust that your loyalty to your own truth has brought you to exactly where you need to be. Exult in this moment, made possible by you!

They’re Swords: Cut Through the Fear

IMG_20170413_193711These swords can only hurt you if you stay in bed until they start falling off the wall. Get out from under your worries and fears and take positive action toward overcoming them. Write that poem you’re afraid no one wants to read; dance to the song you can’t get out of your head; call him; write her — see how easy it is to let go of your fear about what might happen once stuff’s happening.

IMG_20170413_194326Or flip the cards: Take some action that messes up your bedsheets. Tune out the mental noise and embrace the physical moment. You’ve made your bed — don’t just lie in it!

Double Decker: If You Wanna Sing Out, Sing Out

IMG_20170327_211311The blue(-throated)bird of happiness has a bodyguard. This 2-deck card combo, from the Animal Totem tarot deck and the Chakra Insight Oracle, encourages expression of your truest self, which is pretty much my mission as a writer, a tarot advisor, and a dude who paints his toenails. Lay to rest any inauthentic communication styles and limiting self-talk and let your heart’s song really take wing!