While the Hello Kitty tarot deck continues to elude me, I have several others, each with its own personality. Let me know if you’d like me to use a particular one of these for your reading:

The Animal Totem Tarot

Tarot - Animal TotemThis is my Every Day deck and current favorite. I connect with the vivid animal imagery almost effortlessly, and this deck helped me get a grip on the meanings of certain cards (the Chariot, the Emperor) that had been slippery, to say the least, before the Orca and the Gorilla came along. Many querents, myself included, find these cards more resonant than some more traditional options for the notable lack of gender emphasis. These cards are an excellent (if obvious) choice for an Inner Totem reading.



The Gay Tarot   

Tarot - GayOK, maybe this is my favorite deck. It was my first, and the one with which I first approached the tarot, years after I bought it just for the hell of it and left it sitting by my desk in its box. The day before my first tarot class, I went to my local metaphysical store, where the class would be held, to buy a more traditional Rider-Waite deck, as recommended by the coffeehouse flyer promoting the class. It so happened that the teacher was in the store that day, and she stepped in and put a stop to my purchase. “Bring the gay deck,” she said. “You have it for a reason; I’d rather have you get to know it.” You don’t have to be gay to get a great reading with these cards, but the deck is designed to help gay men see their lives reflected, particularly in “couple”- and family-oriented cards like the Lovers, the 2 of cups, and the 10 of cups (and an especially sexy Moon).


The Impressionist Tarot

Tarot - ImpressionistI lived in France when I was in college. I adore the Musée d’Orsay. I’ve visited countryside towns where VanGogh lived, painted, and died. I bought this deck pretty much because I felt obligated to want it, and frankly it took me a second to warm up to it. But once I got a feel for it, I found depth and a fresh perspective in many of its images. These cards are artsy and pretty and perfect for a reading in which creativity and inspiration are on the line.



The Housewives Tarot

Tarot - HousewivesWhen I first saw this deck, I thought it was just a joke. And these cards are pretty funny, but their retro, decoupaged images were painstakingly put together by someone with both a deep understanding of and a light personal take on the tarot and its traditions. These cards make some of the tarot’s more esoteric messages immediately accessible, and promote what I see as an important understanding that sassy folks can have clarity, too.



Oracle Decks

Tarot - Oracle CardsIn the years before I was given the big ring of keys to start unlocking the mysteries of the tarot–an ongoing, if not neverending, process–I found plain-talking oracle decks more approachable. I still use them, sometimes to flesh out my Card of the Day, sometimes to elaborate on the underlying theme of a larger reading, sometimes to deepen my understanding of an energy or idea. If I pluck an oracle card to round out your reading, I’ll include it in the photo–naturally there is never an extra charge for an extra card that I choose to pull.