One of my favorite things about tarot is its willingness to be of service under pretty much any circumstances. We can take an in-depth look at hidden challenges and unexpected opportunities with a 12-card layout, examine your deepest beliefs or explore new directions with a 7-card spread, or play around with one of the dozens of trusty 3-card spreads — or, heck, make up our own! — for sharp insight into a specific situation or relationship. All of my readings are personalized — the same three cards pulled for different people will have different meanings and relate to each other differently, depending on each individual’s questions, concerns, and the current bend in his or her own road. I won’t send you back a list of Googled card meanings, but rather a detailed overview of what the selected cards have to say specifically to you. (You can check out a sample of one of my 3-card readings here.)

78-card readings that use the whole deck (and more than my whole table) are meant to be more predictive than my usual reading style. For this reason I don’t do them very often, but they are kinda renegade and fun — email me for timeframe and pricing info if this type of all-in reading appeals to you.