Sample Readings

A dear and amazing friend with whom I’d recently done a high-energy, in-depth reading ran off to Australia (at the urging of the cards) to escape some career pressure and plot his next professional move. While he was away, he sent me a text message requesting a follow-up reading to help him sift through various potential opportunities. Naturally I obliged, and I share the reading here with his permission. I wanted to take a better photo for this post, but this is the one I texted him, so I’m using it, poor lighting and all…


OK, so, in the interest of getting myself a little overview, I pulled three — a nice little spread about What to Keep, What to Cast Aside, and What to Learn. Here’s what I see:
What to Keep: The World (Atoll)
Conditions are right for you to build the world you wish to inhabit. This card is the last of the Major Arcana, a position which indicates that you’ve gone through all the previous stages of your journey to ready yourself for this one. As always in tarot as in life, a culmination is also a beginning, and of the world to come, you are the creator.
What to Cast Aside: 2 of Swords (Plover)
The time for considering options and enjoying the view of Everything that Could Be has ended — what you are casting aside here is indecision. The watery world of intuition and the more practical (which is not to say sandy) domain of logic have been competing for your favor. It is time for you to pull one sword or the other and use it to cut your path forward. If someone is digging for you, it may feel as though they are forcing your hand — this card says that’s actually okay for you — the longer this decision is put off, the longer you deny yourself the benefits of its outcome.
What to Learn: Nine of Wands (Bighorn Sheep)
You’ve fought to get where you are, and have the scars (the knowledge, the experience, the reputation) to show for it. Your creative climb is not over, and may yet be rocky, but there is no reason for you to be intimidated — you are equipped, both professionally and energetically, to get over these rocky spots and reach the summit. It is no coincidence this animal is native to your own Colorado — where you come from will be key to getting you where you are going.